Each consultation begins with a thorough examination of your horses head and mouth.  I will be looking for any sore areas that may affect your horses bit fitting consultation and passing on to you the knowledge of how and where to check relevant points prone to pressure so that checking these can become part of your daily routine.  I will measure your horses mouth - you'll be surprised how many of us ride in the wrong size bit! Check inside their mouth for any sore spots, examine their tongue, bars, palette and teeth.  Next I will take a look at your normal bridle and bit and ask you to tack up (please make sure the bridle has been cleaned as it greatly helps with swapping bits over and adjusting straps and buckles).  I will take note of how your current bit sits in your horses mouth both with and without a contact.  

Now we can move onto the ridden part of your consultation.  The exciting part!  I will ask for you to ride normally as if I were not there watching.  As well as asking you all about how your horse feels, does he have any particular evasions, is he even on both reins, what is he like in a downward transition, can he be spooky, distracted easily ..... I will also be taking notes on what I can see, mouth opening, tongue evasions, dropping behind the vertical, poking his nose etc.  With your permission I often video the ridden part of the consultation for comparison purposes.

Next we can start trying some different bits.  I would have already built up an idea of what to try from your pre-appointment questionnaire.  It is usually evident immediately if your horse likes or dislikes a bit, sometimes we literally find the one he likes immediately other times we have to try several. 

The consultation finishes with us discussing which bit your horse was  most happy in and therefore what bit I would recommend at this time.  I always suggest that you hire the recommended bit from a bit hire service, giving you the opportunity to ride regularly in it at every discipline you enjoy.  

Serenity Bit Fitting are not affiliated to any particular manufacturer ensuring our recommendations are totally impartial.

Because of the vast amount of bits on the market it is not possible for me to stock every make and size in every style but if there is any particular bit you would like to try please do let me know and I will do my best to accommodate your request.